How to Organize a Charity Poker

The card game of poker, often associated with Old West saloons and gunslingers, has recently seen an explosive upsurge in popularity in the United States. The televised big-money tournament World Series of Poker and World Poker Open games have created poker celebrities and millions of poker fans. Naturally, the following step in the development of a sport is charity games. Although the thought is a new one, some organizations are adopting the idea of charity poker tournaments as a new and exciting approach to raise money for good causes.

There are numerous venues jumping on to the charity poker bandwagon, and also the occasions are bringing enthusiasts, celebs, and millions in capital for non-profit organizations. The tournament raised thousands for the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and The Barton Center for Diabetes Education, and attracted celebrity players including John Ratzenberger and poker star Phil Hellmuth. Since Boston does not allow betting, the fundraising took place in the type of a raffle. Winners of the poker games received the coveted bronze Pulver cup.

Another recent charity poker tournament was held in Las Vegas. The Cory Lidle Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament boasted 103 entrants, several of them celebs, and raised over $20,000 that was donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the tsunami relief effort.

Along with dwell charity poker tournaments, many Internet casinos hold charity poker tournaments with the profits being given to various causes. In the event you love to play poker and like to make a difference on earth through charity, you might consider signing on to play in a charity poker tournament. You will get to interact with other players, do something great, and who knows – perhaps you will meet a poker celebrity or two! Visit your favorite Internet casino or type in “charity poker tournament” in an internet search engine to find one starting up near you today.